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Beta 2015 information

Beta 2015 Enduro model line-up announced

The generous range of Beta bikes have been revised for the coming 2015 year.  The most notable changes are with the 4T range with an emphasis on engine refinement/weight reduction. The biggest change by far is the introduction of Fuel Injection to the RR350 only.  This should be a clever evolution of our class leading capacity bike and silence the “out of touch” “newer is better” magazine editors out there.  A particular issue with that is better brought up in a Blog (future).

The other change is a fantastic innovation which means more than just a name change.  To keep the 4T capacities related to actual dynamic differences, Beta has changed out the sizes in the following way;

350cc  to stay 350cc

400cc to 390cc

450cc to 430cc

498cc to 480cc 

What the change re-enforces is the feel of the bike is more closely aligned to these capacities rather than the old metric cut-offs.  The power and torque of the engines still matches the marks set by the previous sizes but the inertial masses of the engines now allow the bikes to be even beta….

The injection is something Beta has always been developing and was only ever going to use if it was the best solution for the bikes.  My reaction to them using it on the RR350 4T only at this point tells me they recognise that the bottom end of the 350 can be re-enforced by the injection.  The other thing is that the bike revs to the heavens and injection provides a stable AFR for the great spread the 350 lays on.  I look forward to working with the Synerject 42mm Throttle body system, complete with stepper motor to ensure usable engine braking.  Beta has always had stuff working right “out of the box” so I have no hesitation on the performance of the injection system.

All the engines have undergone a host of weight, cooling, re-enforcement changes to significantly upgrade them for the 2015 year. Cases look visibly leaner and the internals have had the same revision.

The prices of the models have become even more competitive given the rise in so many other marques.  We have only raised the price on two models by $100 each.  The 2015 pricing is as follows :



Beta RR 2T 250        $10 690

Beta RR 2T 300        $11 390

Beta RR 4T 350        $11 990

Beta RR 4T 390        $12 190

Beta RR 4T 430        $12 390

Beta RR 4T 480        $12 490

We anticipate a early delivery with late August and early September so an early enquiry will have a new 2015 in your garage.

The fabled Race Ready editions will not be available for a further 6 months at least.  They are small volume import that add some zip to your new Beta.


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