23/07/2018 By Marty Off

Temora Leaping Log 2018

A cold start, like all at the moment, to head out to Temora for Round 3 of the inter-club series for Enduro known as Leaping Log.

Nice and easy to navigate to and a fair roll up to contest what was to be an 8km Sprint round.  No trail to be had on a tight wooded, and dusty loose soil.  Heaps of tight tree sections and no real break in the open except some areas near the start and a short road flick between the trees.

This was to be the first this year for me as work and laziness had got in the way.  I knew at the end of the day I would be hurting but I thought the initiation of the Sherco 300 SEF-R Factory model was too good to pass up.  Given it was tight I knew I was going to have a good event.

The bike was a pleasure and super quick.  Flip flopped thru the trees easily and was able to mould to the long dust ruts between turns.  As you could tell by the name the Leaping Log has many and the front end particularly was easy to drive into them with confidence.  I started to trust the turn in more as I became used to the new French geometry.

As I normally do, I was lost in the number of laps that I had to do and of course we had another to go.  For me this is always the fader lap where I blow time and reflect in disgust.  Thankfully this time I held it together and kept a 9th place in O’35’s which is a pretty competitive class these days.

Good to catch up with some familiar face and a special congrats to Damian Foley for finishing his first Enduro in a plus 50 age group.  He is also aboard the Sherco and had more tree magnets attached, but both survived.

The Temora club had put on a great round and the roll up of 80 plus Seniors is amazing.

Two more rounds to go!!