14/08/2018 By Marty Off

Leaping Log at Leeton 2018

We were looking forward to this one with more than four extra people wanting to come along and experience regional enduro. I had even stepped up to Team manager with a guest rider on the 2018 RR350 Beta.

I was a bit nervous to recommend the event as I knew how hard it was last year. Big dust ruts and endless amounts of loose rock. It is held at Milbrae Quarries just out of Leeton, and there is some rock! A very receptive Club and very well run.

About a three and a half hour journey out and after remembering the exact turn we arrived about just before dark. A quick collaborative setup and we had three quick shades, a BBQ fired up and beverages in hand. Two minutes after I called “how’s the serenity” a Tornado tore us a new one. Rain continued for another hour which is always a good thing for bike racing and farms but not so much for campers.

Given our level of seriousness we all hit the hay and awoke to a freezing morning. I couldn’t believe how cold it could get out at Leeton and that is saying something from someone from Yass! The sign on was easy and Rod kindly lent Jamie a transponder. Our “guest rider” was running late but we had time to scrutineer the bike for him so he could make regal entrance.

Brad had been winning the fast Clubman section of the LL. this year on his 2018 Beta RR250RR but while it was getting an overhaul I was happy to lend out the RR350 to help him on the “Title”. Bit of a change to the riding style but he looked pretty confident when he overtook me on the 5th lap.. always nice to see the bike live up to it’s potential!! He went on the win the class again and the bike was sweet apart from loose hand-guards which was my bad.

The Club decided we should race another half an hour to the normal format. No problems but for the fact it is one of the most physical events amongst the tight Native Cyprus.

The loop was about 20 minutes on top pace but probably at least 2/3rds of the time was spent weaving bars, bike and body in the tight rock littered bush. The 3 hour overall time was killer to rider! Good enduro spec loop but a bit more flow would have been nice..

So apart from Brad’s win in the Clubman class a really great step up to Danny Gibson on a 2018 Beta RR350RR to finish second in the O’35 class. Well deserved for a super nice guy.

Others struggled with the conditions and many fast guys didn’t finish.

The Yass crew all finished with less skin and bike components… but finished none the less.

The standout was Jamie Shaw with a quick time amongst us and having not ridden a enduro since the ’90’s made the other O’50’s look over their shoulders pretty hard early on.

I finished 6th in the O’35’ s and was praising the little Sherco SEF-R Factory 300 with a super even laptime. No stops for the 3 plus hours and about only 2 minutes from fastest to slowest. Probably more sore than I have ever been but super happy despite the pain. Handguard upgrade coming but the bike is not needing any mods. So good out of box.

Well done to Nathan and Taylor for their first enduro entry and completion and to Damo for pushing till the end in his second serious attempt.

Bring on Holbrook on the 9th of September. Always a challenging track and a good mixture.

If you want to know more give me a ring and I should be able to help you with any questions.