What have I done?

I have always tried to sneak up on tasks . Wear them down with persistence and learning the skills to be good at something. Never been the rash guy to jump out of the comfort zone. Until now.

Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro sounds mean in its name alone. So why would you want to enter it…leave it to the sucker’s and the Pro’s !.

Well after going last year and “spannering” for the Beta crew, this year I had a gnawing feeling that I should have a shot.

Entered it Saturday evening and training has begun. I then looked at the dates and kind of thinking I am still going to get whipped!!

Steve Braszell has been a long time friend and he is the brains behind Australia’s strongest Hard Enduro. He was always telling us about his Uncle’s place that was right near Melbourne and great to ride.

The land is plateau to big drop downs filled with loose volcanic rock. The sky is filled with low flying planes coming into Melbourne. Steve has a torture zone of man-made obstacles for the prologue.


On the weekend of the 3rd /4th of November this year it will be filled with thousands of people spectating and competing.

I will be there suffering a three hour Bronze class attempt on the mighty Sherco 300 SEF-R Factory model.

Make the effort one year to come and see it. Very unique and a special event on the calendar.

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