20/06/2020 By Marty Off

Sherco 2021. Lets Go!!

Sherco have announced this week the updates to the 2021 model range. Despite the “Elephant in the room” Sherco have pushed forward with major changes and nice refinements to the Enduro range, across 2T and 4T variants.

As expected we have new graphics, colours which have been made easier with the combining of the Racing and Factory range into one. The difference in the the two will be celebrated by the upgrades more than anything else.

The big tickets changes are a “Counter balancer”, or as the French delightfully put an “Anti Vibration Balancer” across the 2T range. I was always happy with the feel of the Sherco engine but I guess this will tick a box and also add a fine throttle low end dynamic. The Beta inclusion added some bottom end inertia which was a nice asset. The other 2T refinement was to reduce some engine weight with gear and component refinements. Any weight loss translates to performance gains, so no arguments here!

The 4T range has a major revision in the 250/300 crank big end bearing with a change to plain bearings. The goal here is to reduce vibration and create a smoothness that forms into to more power across the rev range. Coupled with this is the Tip over sensor to prevent oil starve (although not claimed) and to help rider safety on the big ones. I hope not to test it but I am sure it will happen. The Full Titanium Akrapovic system on the Factory model begs that new addition to be at the top of it’s game when things get horizontal.

The range differences will still be summed up in the following;

Racing will have;

  • White Power Suspension
  • Smaller rubber type bar pad

Factory will have;

  • Full Akrapovic or FMF Exhausts
  • Radiator fans
  • Sleeping bag size bar pads
  • Premium bash plates
  • KYB suspension
  • Upgraded brake disks

Pricing is still to be confirmed but we hope it to be as per 2020. Our Demo will be a Factory 300 SEF-R and I can’t wait to set it up for some new singles we have discovered.

As always call us up to hear about the range (due August) and anything we can do to have you on a Sherco for the coming year!