02/07/2020 By Marty Off

ATV safety standards

There has been a lot of noise regarding ATV safety in the recent year. The lifeblood of many farms do have a dark side at times. We have a 25 year experience in the area but hopefully we can sort thru the positions that are about.

The ACCC have reached out to the Industry groups that import and sell the ATV units in the Australian market. Rather than take the thoughts of this group the ACCC have run with a two stage change to ATV purchasing and supply.

Stage 1 will see the requirement of clear labeling of the dangers of the use of ATV’s combined with Roll Over testing and Stage 2 sees the requirements of Roll over test std minimum results and the fitment of a Roll Bar (Operator Protection Device). Both these standards must be met by October 11th, 2021.

For us to be able to sell you an ATV both these tick boxes must be covered. Other manufacturers have chosen to stop selling ATV’s rather than spend the money and time to be compliant. CFMOTO have chose to have all requirements met 18 months before they will be enforced.

The Australian manufacturer of ATV roll bars (QUADBAR) have been chosen to supply the Roll bars and the Tip tests have been done! We have the XFORCE 400 EPS units on floor right now!

The Roll bars are still able to be rebated via the Safe Work program so the bikes will be not any more expensive than normal. Happy to help anyone thru the process.

Long-term we hope the Safety improvements will save lives but always respect the common sense that our Farm customers have always had. Let’s see how we go but we are very happy to have a positive answer to these new challenges by CFMOTO.