23/12/2020 By Marty Off

2020 Yearly Wrap

The descriptions of this year will echo for quite a while. 2021 hopefully will turn the corner. Fingers crossed!

For Wright Motorcycles we have been on edge all this calendar year not to lapse into disappointing customers with “Covid” excuses for lack of stock and service. By in large we have succeeded, but thankfully with the key support from some of our suppliers.

Husqvarna have had some stock supply issues but we had forward ordered enough to keep everyone mowing, cutting, trimming and spraying. We have been over-whelmed by the uptake of the Automower product and thank all our clients for the trust in this mature product. Great to have a manicured lawn with out having to do all the work!

Our Enduro brands in Sherco and Beta have proven again to be the popular choice for hitting up singles or hard enduro riding. We are especially proud to have helped Callum Ceglinski this year to achieve a fabulous 2nd place in gold at Wildwood Rock Extreme enduro surrounded by Sherco rider with Tim Coleman (1st) and Ben Grabham (3rd).

Looking forward to the 2021 year we are hoping to add to our product line-up again. Stay tuned.

Our time off will be between 24th December and the 11th of January. We have a large amount of bookings already in the New Year for our Workshop so do not be shy to book ahead.

Thanks to all the patient customers that have worked with us in these trying times. We have been very lucky to have been sheltered from the major economic fallout with Covid, supported by very loyal and new customers.

Wright Motorcycles would not exist if it wasn’t for our Staff and Ree and I would like to take a moment to thank Nathan, Jason and Brian for above and beyond in trying times. Hopefully we can re-charge over the break and push on in the New Year.