2022 is the time for Husqvarna Automower!

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Mowing is sometimes a chore and sometimes a great way to relax. Often a burden though on the larger blocks we enjoy in the Yass Valley.

With the great seasons we have had in the last years, the growth has been phenomenal. The trouble comes when most of your weekend is gone maintaining this green monster.

Out of the box Husqvarna Automowers are timesavers, have little or no ground compaction, mow to a higher standard than most mowers, emission neutral and are super cool.

Husqvarna Automowers are the solution for sizes up to 5000m2 (~1.2 acres). Whether it is your smaller domestic in-town lawn or your “houseyard” lawn, Automowers are here and they work.

There is fundamentally three versions. The first is a simple area, low cost, Bluetooth controlled model range such as the 305 and 310II. Perfect for areas up to 1000m2. Prices installed from $2500 up.

Husqvarna 305


The X-Line (405X, 315X, 430X, 450X, 435XAWD) then come in with GPS and Cloud management covering from 600m2 to 5000m2. Controllable from anywhere in the world. Both of these model ranges require an install of a boundary wire, but fear not that is where we come in and make it a seamless quick install. Available in an all wheel drive model that is capable of 70% (35 degree) slopes! Our largest install has been $8500 but most are around $4-$5k. Cheaper than a powered mower and $25 a year in electricity.

Husqvarna 430AWD


The new kid on the block is the EPOS version that is a wireless GPS based install. Perfect for those with pathways and remote section to the lawn. For those that don’t want fixed areas and consider the expandability that can be had as well. $12500 installed as an average price.

Husqvarna 550 EPOS


There is a lot to take in when considering one and we are here to help. The best advise is to contact us to allow a remote quote to see if they will work for you. We can do a virtual site plan for free and can follow that up with a Site inspection to ensure the best results.

All Automowers can be controlled via the Automower Connect app and feature other smart tech integrations to your Smart home. More info @ Husqvarna

Husqvarna are the clear market leaders in the field of robotic mowers. We are multiple generations in design and the competitors have only just started. We have been excited to be involved in many installs in our area. One of which is at Scrivener Dam in the ACT for the folk that manage the out-flows of Lake Burley Griffin. Annemaree and myself have had three years of robotic mowing at home which has made more time available for other jobs.

We are always happy to show you in-store the range, or come to your place for a demonstration.


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