SportDevices Dyno

Wright Motorcycles are proud to have the latest in technology with the SportsDevices dynamometer.  Goodbye to guesswork and hello to tuning heaven.

What is a Dyno?

Simply put a Dyno is a way of measuring an engines performance and state of tune.

We can find out horsepower …. a measure of acceleration/power.

We can find out torque …. a measure of pulling power… ie ability to maintain speed up hills etc.

We can marry the two readings above to tuning, temperature and other factors.


Why do we use a Dyno?

Any motorcycle can gain benefits from a dyno session.

Tuning the output of power at certain RPM’s or Throttle positions requires data first.  Hard to fix a problem when you don’ t know the exact issues!

Checking the improvements of performance after engine development or new parts (ie exhausts).

Testing the state of tune to gain the most from the motorcycle.


We have had all sorts of bikes on the Dyno.

Harley’s have benefited from carb tuning after exhaust fitments.

Honda CRF’s with tuning via Dynojet’s Power Commander systems.

Hayabusa’s tuning for the new exhausts.

WR426F for the problematic std Throttle needle.

XT225 Farm bike for a massive over-rich based on the airbox intake silencer restriction

2003 R1 with an airboxmod (5HP) and tuning for an Akrapovic. 

A single full power run can cost as little as $90

Multiple run’s for throttle position tuning average $225

Costs vary to what we need to do…..


What have we found with all the dyno runs?

As a rule all motorcycles are manufactured with an Air/Fuel ratio that is over-rich. To make sure the bike will not over-heat or detonate Factories tend towards too much fuel being delivered across all throttle positions and RPM’s.  This has been true for Injected and Carburettored bikes.  With careful tuning and Dyno testing the Fuel curve and be manipulated to make the engine more efficient, powerful and economical.  Simply putting and exhaust on won’t fix the problems.

In short, if you want to get the best out of your bike or you are just curious come in and see what we can do with the Dyno.  We are always happy to talk about Dyno!!!!