SWM Motorcycles are an Italian brand with a fantastic range of Enduro, Adventure and Road bikes, with an emphasis on quality and value.

As a long-time brand in the industry SWM have been re-born with the range of high quality Husqvarna (Red/White) models left from the transition to Austria with KTM buying the rights to the Husky name.

In the Off-road market they offer the 300 and 500cc bikes in a slim and trail ready format.  Boasting the super reliable Mikuni Fuel injection and Brembo Hydraulics and brakes for the starting price of $8490 they are an affordable performance machine.

The Big Bore units are based on the 2010 reliable Husky TE630 motor and have new injection and ignition control from Mikuni and GET.  In the Enduro format the RS650R is the most versatile bike out there.  Happy with the open road and tight trails as well.






The adventure market is spoilt with the very popular SWM 650 Super Dual in either the “X” or “T” model.  The X features 18/21 wheel combo and the T offers the more open road based 17/19 wheel combo.  The Super Dual is “ready to go” adventure bike born in the modern era with silky smooth engine performance and modern suspension.






The Road bikes offered at this point by SWM are in the super chic “Café Race” format.  The Gran Milano and Gran Turismo offer the same high end fuel injection and braking combo’s with Mikuni, GET and Brembo . The bikes represent a return to classic motorcycling with the benefit of modern brakes, suspension and engine management.  Starting at $6490 on the road they are hard to ignore.

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2018/19 Pricing (ex on-roads)

RS300R                                                          $8490

RS500R                                                          $8990

RS650R                                                          $8990

SD650X                                                         $10490

SD650T                                                         $10490