The future is here with the UBCO 2X2 Electric bike

Wright Motorcycles are very proud to be dealers for the innovative UBCO 2×2 Electric bike.

Years of the uninspired Agricultural range from the Japanese brands have been consigned to the past with the UBCO 2×2.  Featuring;

– Two wheel drive

– 18c per 100km or Zero with Solar ($7.50 for a petrol bike)

– 58KG vs 120kg plus for petrol bike

– No oil filter, oil, spark plug, drive chain, air filter to maintain or change

– Whisper quiet operation

Some of the features and specs;

SuperX Step Through Frame

Low centre of gravity
More stability and better balance
Easy to mount and dismount

7000 Series Alloy

Stronger and stiffer
Light weight
High load capacity

70/100-17 Tyres

Suitable for a wide range of terrain
Long life
Ultimate grip

Full Suspension

Suspension front and rear
Greater control
Faster tracking of terrain
Comfortable ride

Dual Electric Drive

No clutch – bullet proof low speed control
Improved handling
Better acceleration and traction in slippery conditions
No getting stuck in the mud
Better grip on unpaved roads
Ascends gradients of up to 30%
Very low maintenance
No oil changes or engine specific replacements

Interchangeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Long range
Quick charge time – 6-8 hours
No smoke or noise
No chains, gears or clutch
Switch and twist to go

Power and USB outlet

Charge power tools anywhere
Charge hand held devices
Marine grade seals

High Intensity LED

Approx 1400 Lumens output
Long life


Connect industry specific items
Customise your bike
Attach storage

We always have a demo unit in stock and can supply with seat covers and other accessories.  The retail price is $7990 for the ADR model (Road registerable)

Come in or use the Contact page to call or email us for further info.