YCF Mini

French design and world class quality

Wright Motorcycles have been looking for the whole package with the Mini ranges available to Australian consumers.. This is it!!!

YCF Mini bikes are suited to all ages and particularly start at the first bike level with the brilliant design of the YCF50A.  This bike is the “PW Killer” that every young rider wants next to Dad’s/Mum’s in the shed.

It takes a bit to understand the entire range but here is a guide to help;

– Three frame types

– Clutch models or Semi-Automatic

– “Start”, “Pilot” or “Factory” model names

– Electric and non-electric start

The engines are available with capacities 50cc, 88cc, 125cc, 150cc and 190cc. All but the 190 Factory models have sidestands!.

The big thing with YCF is they have a huge line-up of parts and accessories from “bling” to sticker kits and all the hard parts to keep your bike running.  They are all in-store and ready when you need them. A catalogue with all the parts, accessories and prices are available.

To make it even better the range has “Limited Editions” made as well featuring Lucas Oil, Monster and other well known sponsors.

Six months warranty makes sure your machine is free from drama’s when you just want to go riding.